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Showing Support for Couples with Fertility Issues Starts with Avoiding These 4 Phrases

Avoid These 4 Phrases if you Know Couples with Fertility Issues: Couples with fertility issues and couples who are trying to conceive often feel pressure from friends, family, and even strangers when it comes to building their family. Often, well-meaning loved ones can say something innocently but it can come

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Staying in Sync: Changing Couple Conflict to Closeness During Fertility Treatment

Written by: Sharon N. Covington, MSW, LCSW-C, BCD Director, Psychological Support Services Infertility is an inherently stressful experience, yet one of the stresses often not talked about in regard to infertility and your relationship is the conflict that can occur in a relationship during fertility treatment. Whether in a heterosexual

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Five Myths We Might Be Telling Ourselves about Seeking Infertility Counseling (And 5 Ways Infertility Counseling Can Help)

by Tara Simpson, Psy.D., Licensed Psychologist Shady Grove Fertility Counseling Staff Infertility is often one of the hardest obstacles most people have faced in their lives or relationship to date. The negative emotions, stress, and an overwhelming feeling of loss of control can often prevent those needing treatment to seek

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Develop a Support Plan to Better Cope with the Emotional Aspect of Fertility Treatment

By Carol Toll, LCSW-C Infertility is a life event that creates high levels of stress that may impact important areas of your life. Feelings about self, intimate relationships, friends, family, work, and financial decisions may be affected by infertility. Before you know it, fertility issues have become your world, taxing

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World-Renowned Fertility Counseling Resources Available at SGF

Since its inception, Shady Grove Fertility has been at the forefront of integrating psychological support services into its fertility program. Clinical excellence and advanced technology are vital to fertility treatment, but providing an established support network is just as important for our patients.  In order to support our patients, SGF’s

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