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11 Most Common Fertility Questions Answered by SGF’s Dr. Paulette Browne

Dr. Paulette Browne, from our Fair Oaks, VA office responded to questions asked live during a recent Getting Started Webinar. From finding gestational carriers to boosting your fertility with natural methods, Dr. Browne provided answers to common fertility questions and important insight across many different forms of treatment at SGF. Q: What can

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SGF’s IVF Program: Helping More Patients Conceive than Any Other Fertility Center

The publication of Shady Grove Fertility’s 22nd Annual IVF Program Report exemplifies another year in which more patients than ever before came to SGF to overcome infertility. A historic amount of cycles were performed, leading to a record number of babies born. Since the inception of SGF in 1991, more

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EmbryoScope: Improving IVF Treatment Through Time-Lapse Video

EmbryoScope: Time-Lapse Video May Help IVF Treatment A revolutionary new instrument is offering fertility specialists a different perspective when selecting embryos for transfer. The EmbryoScope® provides the medical team with a time-lapse video featuring thousands of snapshots of each embryo over the 5 to 6 days of in vitro culture. Based

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National Infertility Awareness Week: You Aren’t the Only One Doing IVF… Really!

Every year in the United States, thousands and thousands of men and women pursue fertility treatment as a means to grow their family. In fact, in 2011 – the most recent data available – there were over 150,000 IVF and donor egg treatment cycles performed throughout the country! Increased Fertility

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