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TIME Reports “Why a New IVF Technique Won’t Help Boost Pregnancy Rates in U.S.”

British researchers have developed an embryo-incubating system that they say improves odds of conception by 27%. But larger fertility clinics in the U.S. are already ahead of the game. Even with top-notch doctors and top-notch laboratory conditions, pregnancy success through IVF is not a sure thing. So news that a

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Strike Out Infertility!

Fundraising for Cade Foundation The fundraising season is upon us once again and all of the Shady Grove Fertility offices are getting in gear to make this year’s fundraising for Cade Foundation the best one yet! In June, SGF offices hosted 2 Restaurant Nights, including 4 local restaurants. This month

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Basal Body Temperature: Old School Fertility Testing vs. Modern Day Science

by Dr. Arthur Sagoskin, MD Basal Body Temperature When my partner, Dr. Levy, and I opened Shady Grove Fertility in 1991, many infertility patients were using “old school” methods of testing their fertility – Basal body temperature (BBT) charts. While not entirely useless, this unsophisticated measure of fertility has been

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Welcome to Waldorf!

Fertility Services in Waldorf, MD Over the last couple of weeks the Waldorf team has settled in nicely to their new home at 3010 Crain Highway, Suite 201, Waldorf, MD 20601 (map it!). If you know the area, it is the Luxxery building. Dr. Simon Kipersztok is in the office

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Celebrating Nurses Week

by Dr. Eric Levens As we celebrate National Nurses Week, I wanted to spend some time describing the indispensable role nursing staff plays of caring for patients. Infertility nurses come from a variety of training backgrounds, but the vast majority have previous experience in Women’s Health Care. Infertility nurses work

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