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ABC News: SGF Patient Becomes Sister’s Surrogate after Breast Cancer Diagnosis

Last year, ABC News featured an article on Shady Grove Fertility patient, Randi Fishman, and her unique story of surrogacy after a devastating re-occurrence of breast cancer. Fishman’s own sister, Erin Silverman, stepped in and elected to carry her child once she was finished having children of her own. After

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11 Most Common Fertility Questions Answered by SGF’s Dr. Paulette Browne

Dr. Paulette Browne, from our Fair Oaks, VA office responded to questions asked live during a recent Getting Started Webinar. From finding gestational carriers to boosting your fertility with natural methods, Dr. Browne provided answers to common fertility questions and important insight across many different forms of treatment at SGF. Q: What can

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Health.com Asks: What is a Gestational Carrier and What Should You Know?

News that supermodel Tyra Banks and her boyfriend welcomed a baby boy into the world a few weeks ago sparked conversation and questions about what is a gestational carrier. Health.com reached out to reproductive endocrinologist Naveed Kahn, M.D. from Shady Grove Fertility’s Leesburg, VA, office in the article, “7 Facts

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Metro Weekly Discusses the Misconceptions Surrounding Gestational Carriers

Metro Weekly’s recent article, “Other People’s Children: Surrogacy and its misconceptions,” covers the legal complications surrounding surrogacy in the state of Maryland. In this piece, Michael J. Levy, M.D., a founding partner and Director of IVF at Shady Grove Fertility, provides context for this assisted reproductive technology. How the Gestational Carrier

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U.S. News & World Report Interviews SGF about the Gestational Carrier Program

Gestational carriers are women who choose to carry another person’s child. What makes someone decide to move forward on this path? In U.S. News & World Report’s recent article, “What’s It Like to Be a Surrogate Mom,” the author interviews two women who became intertwined through the gestational carrier process.

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