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Shady Grove Fertility Opens New Fertility Center in Reading, PA

Fertility Center in Reading, PA Shady Grove Fertility is proud to announce the opening of the newest fertility center in Reading, PA – offering consultations and fertility treatment options to patients.  Abraham K. Munabi, MD, a board-certified Reproductive Endocrinologist, who recently joined Shady Grove Fertility in 2012 after building a

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Washington Post Magazine: “For men, infertility often becomes a private heartache”

Causes of Infertility When a couple comes in for a consultation at Shady Grove Fertility, after diagnostic testing and a complete medical history review, they are likely to be told one of four things that might be causing their troubles with conceiving: Female Infertility (for example: endometriosis, PCOS, advanced age)

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National Infertility Awareness Week: You Aren’t the Only One Doing IVF… Really!

Every year in the United States, thousands and thousands of men and women pursue fertility treatment as a means to grow their family. In fact, in 2011 – the most recent data available – there were over 150,000 IVF and donor egg treatment cycles performed throughout the country! Increased Fertility

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VIDEO: Dr. Jason Bromer Talks Advances in Surgery for Fertility

Jason G. Bromer, MD was interviewed by Fertility Authority on advances in surgery for fertility treatment. From advances in tubal ligation reversal to the impact of robotic surgery on fibroid treatment, Dr. Bromer talks surgery for fertility treatment in 3 short videos. Dr. Jason Bromer Talks Surgery for Fertility Treatment

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Exercise and Fertility

by Dr. Barbara Osborn, MD How much exercise is OK while I’m trying to get pregnant? This is a common and logical question our patients ask. Based on the existing literature, however, stating the link between exercise and fertility is a difficult to say with certainty. Some facts have been

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TIME Reports “Why a New IVF Technique Won’t Help Boost Pregnancy Rates in U.S.”

British researchers have developed an embryo-incubating system that they say improves odds of conception by 27%. But larger fertility clinics in the U.S. are already ahead of the game. Even with top-notch doctors and top-notch laboratory conditions, pregnancy success through IVF is not a sure thing. So news that a

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