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Open letter: Using an anonymous egg donor taught me that being a mother is not about genetics

Sarah Esdaile, an SGF Egg Donor Recipient and U.K. Patient Liaison, was recently interviewed about her decision to seek donor egg treatment in America. Sarah’s story began at age 40, when she was told of her infertility and that she would have to “forget motherhood, adopt, or use donor eggs.”

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Cosmopolitan.com: Asks the Experts in Donor Egg Treatment

When Cosmopolitan.com wanted to answer commonly asked questions about donor egg treatment, they looked to the experts, SGF’s own Kate Devine, M.D. and Michele Purcell, R.N. SGF is the leading egg donation program in the country and our transparency with potential egg donors has garnered national attention. Our program works

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New Portal to Support Largest Donor Egg Treatment Program in Nation

For women who need donor egg treatment, our new portal offers enhanced search features of prescreened, ready-to-donate donors and a new reservation system that make finding a donor a simpler process. For our unidentified egg donors, our new state-of-the-art portal offers easier, faster prequalification in a mobile-friendly secure environment. New SGF

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