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SGF’s Dr. Kate Devine talks to US News about the decline in twins during fertility treatment

One of the common misconceptions about fertility treatment is that multiples are standard and nearly inevitable. According to the CDC, the national rate of twins and higher order multiples (e.g. triplets or more) increased from 1998 to 2009. While historically twinning makes up about 2 percent of the live birth population,

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You’ve Heard the News and Seen the Pictures: Beyoncé’s having Twins! Dr. Andrea Reh Tells Good Day DC All About It

Last week Beyoncé broke social media records when she announced that she was pregnant with twins. Good Day DC spoke to Andrea E. Reh, M.D. from Shady Grove Fertility’s Arlington and Fredericksburg, VA offices to talk about pregnancy risks with multiples and the higher rate of multiples with fertility treatment,

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ASRM 2016: Retrieval of More Eggs in IVF Leads to More Babies Born Per Cycle

Shady Grove Fertility, a leader in reproductive medicine and clinical research, published a new study that confirmed that retrieval of larger cohorts of eggs leads to more live births, refuting several recent publications suggesting that milder stimulation and retrieval of smaller egg cohorts maximizes births rates. In a normal ovulation

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