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Meat on the Side

Nicole Holovach, RDby Nicole Holovach, RD – Dietitian at Pulling Down the Moon

I’ve been watching Food Network Star this summer. Anyone else? I watch it every year. A few years ago, I was rooting for a dietitian who was vying for her own Food Network show. This year, I am rooting for the girl who promotes meat on the side. I love her point of view! She is pro-veggies, but still eats meat. Some examples of her cooking include a ragout with three types of wild mushrooms, topped with a few sauteed shrimp; potato cauliflower parsnip soup with a pancetta potato hash; and a vegetarian chili with a crumbled Andouille sausage tomatillo salsa. Yum, right!?!

Meat on the side is actually the way many health practitioners recommend planning your plate. While meat can definitely be a part of a fertility-friendly diet (and in some cases an essential part!), eating too much meat can take the focus away from vegetables and other healthy foods. Vegetables have loads of benefits for those dealing with infertility. For example, they contain antioxidants that can reduce inflammation (common in many reproductive disorders) and plus, certain vegetables can help get rid of excess estrogen in the body.

Meat on the Side - Burst Tomato Pasta
Check out Meat on the Side Recipes, like Burst Tomato Pasta, on YouTube.

The nutritionists at Pulling Down the Moon can help you plan meals where the veggies are the star! We’ll talk about which vegetables are best for fertility. And included in any of our nutrition consultations are recipes and tips on how to make vegetables taste amazing! You don’t need to be a whiz in the kitchen or a Food Network star to make vegetables taste good!

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This article was submitted as a guest writer. The opinions expressed in the article do not necessarily represent the opinions of Shady Grove Fertility Center.


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