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Podcast: Facing Fertility Concerns with Dr. Desireé McCarthy-Keith

If you’re having trouble getting pregnant, SGF Atlanta’s Medical Director, Dr. Desireé McCarthy-Keith, shared on The Suga podcast how it’s healthy to ask for help. Dr. McCarthy-Keith joined the hosts for a candid conversation about the basics of reproduction and the actions women who are struggling with infertility can take.

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Former SGF Patient Describes the Heartbreak of Infertility and Loss in Touching Letter

There are so many expectations, so many expectations and so many shocks, in this life. There’s the expectation that the universe understands and supports your plans. The expectation that good things come to good people. The expectation that your story will be normal, like your friends, your family, your neighbors,

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Does Drinking Affect Your Fertility? SGF’s Dr. Martin Weighs In

Could drinking really affect your ability to conceive? Should you avoid it altogether? HuffPost turned to Shady Grove Fertility’s, Dr. Ryan Martin, who sees patients in SGF’s Warrington, PA office, to answer common questions surrounding alcohol and fertility in both men and women. The Breakdown Of surveyed Americans, more than

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Frequently Asked Questions about Frozen Embryo Transfers

In recent years, the success with a frozen embryo transfer (FET) has increased substantially making it an increasingly popular option to consider before moving to another fresh in vitro fertilization (IVF) cycle. With frozen embryo transfers, you can extend the chance of pregnancy per egg retrieval—ultimately saving you time and

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