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5 Features in our IVF Lab Designed to Increase Your Chance of Pregnancy

Inside the IVF Lab In 2015 alone, embryologists in our Rockville, MD, lab—the largest in-vitro fertilization (IVF) in the United States—performed 4,100 IVF treatments and close to 2,050 frozen embryo transfers (FET) treatment cycles. In our Towson, MD lab, Shady Grove Fertility embryologists conducted 1,212 cycles and 427 FETs. And,

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Washingtonian, May 2017: Features SGF in “Baby Boom”

It was February 2017 when we received the call. The award-winning Washingtonian magazine was on the line. Associate editor, Caroline Cunningham, was interested in learning about the humble beginnings of Shady Grove Fertility and the fervent determination yet consummate humility behind its 25 years of steady growth. She wanted to

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Listen Up, Lawmakers! NIAW 2017 is about Empowering those Who Suffer in Silence to Seek Support and Treatment

Fundamental to our mission at Shady Grove Fertility is to make fertility treatment more affordable and accessible to more people. In many ways, the number of physicians, office locations, financial programs, and various treatment options we offer helps to accomplish this goal. But our mission doesn’t stop at the door

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2017 National Infertility Awareness Week

National Infertility Awareness Week® (NIAW) takes place this week (April 23-29, 2017), a yearly initiative founded by RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association, to encourage people to act as their own infertility advocates and to educate legislators and the public about how infertility impacts one in eight couples within our community.

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Ask Your Employer to Provide Infertility Insurance Coverage

Ask Your Employer to Provide Insurance Coverage for Fertility Treatment Health insurance provides reassurance that an individual will not have to bear the entire burden of his/her health care expenses, but when it comes to infertility, patients without insurance bear responsibility of covering the costs of treatment. With more than

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Dr. Rachana Garde discusses ovulation in terms of trying to conceive

Ovulation is essential when it comes to having a baby. But do you know if you’re even ovulating —or ovulating regularly? Recently, Dr. Rachana Garde from Shady Grove Fertility’s Annandale, VA and Woodbridge, VA offices sat down with Good Morning Washington to discuss the topic of ovulation—the actual release of

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Agave: a Healthy Fad or Not so Health Friendly? SGF’s Nutritionist, Meghan Sylvester, Explains

Constant chatter about superfoods, vitamins, nutrients, and things like chia seed and flax seed make it difficult for the average busy person to figure out what’s really healthy to incorporate into your daily diet and what’s just a trendy fad. The List set out to find what nutrition tips are

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Shady Grove Fertility Named Nursing Center of Excellence

The invaluable role our nurses play in helping patients become parents is now formally recognized by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) through its distinction of Shady Grove Fertility as a Nursing Center of Excellence. Whether it is guiding our patients through their treatment plans, explaining protocols, or supporting

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