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Get to Know Shady Grove Fertility’s Dr. Brianna Schumacher

SGF welcomes Dr. Brianna Schumacher, to the Pennsylvania medical team. Dr. Schumacher will join physicians. Drs. Isaac Sasson, Caleb Kallen, and Ryan Martin and will be seeing patients at the Philadelphia and Chesterbook, PA locations. Dr. Schumacher earned her medical degree from the Medical College of Wisconsin and completed her residency

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Get to Know Shady Grove Fertility’s Dr. Natalie Stentz

Dr. Natalie Stentz is one of Shady Grove Fertility’s newest physicians at SGF’s Marietta, GA location. The new Marietta location will offer a broad array of fertility services, including diagnostic testing, low-tech treatment options such as intrauterine insemination (IUI), highly advanced infertility treatments such as donor egg treatment, oncofertility, andrology

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VIDEO: Dr. Khan on Talking to Your OB About Fertility Testing

Medical Contribution by: Naveed Khan, M.D. For couples considering fertility treatment, Dr. Naveed Khan discusses the beginning of the process, starting with the male and female partners both completing fertility testing. Since roughly half the time infertility is male factor, men should have a sperm analysis performed. For women, a hysterosalpingogram

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