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Open letter: Using an anonymous egg donor taught me that being a mother is not about genetics

Sarah Esdaile, an SGF Egg Donor Recipient and U.K. Patient Liaison, was recently interviewed about her decision to seek donor egg treatment in America. Sarah’s story began at age 40, when she was told of her infertility and that she would have to “forget motherhood, adopt, or use donor eggs.”

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Suburban Life Magazine: Philadelphia’s Drs. Schumacher and Kallen Open Up about What Sets SGF Apart and Why They Joined the Practice

Shady Grove Fertility’s Dr. Brianna Schumacher and Dr. Caleb Kallen were featured in Philadelphia’s Suburban Life Magazine’s November issue, opening up about what makes SGF so unique, why they chose to join the growing practice, and much more. Dr. Schumacher, the newest physician to join the SGF team who sees

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Today.com: What is Adenomyosis? Dr. Martin Discusses the Condition Behind Gabrielle Union’s Fertility Struggles

Dr. Ryan Martin, who sees patients in Shady Grove Fertility’s Warrington, PA office, was recently interviewed by TODAY Health about adenomyosis, the condition behind Gabrielle Union’s fertility problems. What is Adenomyosis? Adenomyosis is a thickening of the uterus. Union describes it on social media, “endometriosis of the muscle.” It occurs

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Fertility Financial Options Offered Exclusively to SGF Patients

SGF Fertility Financial Programs and Insurance Coverage Did you know that approximately 70 percent of our patients with insurance have some level of fertility financial coverage for treatment and close to 90 percent have coverage for their initial consultation? Shady Grove Fertility also has one of the largest insurance networks, which

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Trying to Conceive: Ask Dr. Yazigi the Questions You Didn’t Know to Ask

For anyone who learned the ‘birds and the bees’ in their youth, the act of trying to conceive (TTC) probably seems like a very straightforward concept. However, our fertility specialists have learned that many of their patients have a different definition of what trying to conceive really means in comparison

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Genetics and Pregnancy: The Value of Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD)

We have all heard more about “genes,” “DNA,” and “chromosomes.” These are terms your doctor may use when explaining tests that may be ordered, problems that may explain a patient’s difficulty getting pregnant or why some patients have miscarriages.  Without any background knowledge genetics can be confusing!  Understanding genetics can

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Congratulations to 13 SGF Physicians Named Washingtonian’s 2018 Top Doctors

We are honored to have 13 of our physicians from the D.C.- metro area named Washingtonian’s 2018 Top Doctors in the field of infertility and urology. This prestigious recognition is voted on by physician peers in various fields of medicine and a testament to the commitment our physicians and care teams

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