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How long does it take to conceive after stopping birth control?

In its ongoing series on fertility, Business Insider asked SGF reproductive endocrinologist Dr. Shruti Malik what more than 60 percent of women of reproductive age who are on birth control will probably wonder: how long will it be before I can conceive after stopping birth control? Most women, says Dr. Malik, should return to normal menstrual cycles within a month or two.stopping birth control

However, for women who are stopping birth control after usage for a sustained period of time, Dr. Malik cautions that it may take a bit longer because the uterine lining needs time to thicken. “So a woman may take a few months to build up that lining before she has her period again,” Malik, of Shady Grove Fertility’s Fair Oaks and Woodbridge, VA offices, said.

Malik says a woman under 35 who is actively trying to get pregnant can expect about a 6 month timeframe once her body returns to a normal menstrual cycle. That’s because a couple in its first year of trying only has a 15 to 20 percent chance of conceiving naturally each month.

Women under 35 who have not conceived within 1 year—or women 35 and older who have not conceived within 6 months—should reach out to a fertility specialist to see if there are any underlying infertility causes.

Malik tells Business Insider that the body generally doesn’t need much time to bounce back after stopping birth control and advises that women should not go off birth control until they are ready to begin trying to conceive.

Dr. Malik’s interview is part of a wide-ranging series from Business Insider about fertility-related topics including egg freezing and when to see a fertility specialist.


Are you thinking about stopping birth control? To find out when you should consider talking with a fertility specialist, call our New Patient Center at 877-971-7755. 


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