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HelloFlo: Two Ways Fertility Apps Can Benefit You

In this day and age, it seems like there isn’t much that your smartphone can’t do. You have access to different resources at your fingertips, including the ability to track your fertility. In a recent HelloFlo article, Dr. Shruti Malik of SGF’s Fair Oaks and Woodbridge, VA, offices, discusses how these fertility apps are helpful ways to estimate a woman’s best chances of conception. Dr. Malik found two key ways in which fertility apps can help you on your journey.

Fertility Apps Provide Knowledge

Apps are created with many different intentions for the users. However, fertility and reproductive health apps are intended to aid users in tracking their menstrual cycles and providing data to help them conceive. Dr. Malik says that some apps are helpful in estimating the proper timing in your cycle when conceiving can occur.

“It is important for women to remember that this is an estimate based on the assumption that ovulation is occurring and the second half of the menstrual cycle is fixed,” Dr. Malik stated. “In women who have irregular cycles, it is even more difficult to use an app to estimate the fertile window,” she said.

Malik discusses a few apps, such as Glow and Fertility Friend. If you are using the free Glow app, you can opt to contribute to an assistance program that can be used for fertility treatments if the app fails to help you conceive in 10 months. During your fertility journey, the Glow app provides fertility testing tracking, treatment cycle tracking, medication reminders, an appointment calendar, personalized insights, to-do lists, printouts of treatment details, and a supportive community.

She also notes that Fertility Friend, similar to Glow, has a free basic app and the option to sign up for an annual membership fee ($45) that gives you access to messages boards and other personalized tools to help track your fertility.

The key note to remember when using these fertility apps is that you cannot rely only on mobile technology for knowledge of the right time to conceive. “Women who have been using an app without success or those with irregular cycles should consider using an ovulation predictor kit or basal body thermometers,” Malik said. “If these match up with the app’s estimate of the fertile window over two to three cycles, then it is okay to use the window provided by the app,” Malik adds.

Shady Grove Fertility recommends a fertility evaluation with a specialist if you have regular cycles and have been having unprotected intercourse without conception for 1 year if you are under 35; if you are 35 to 39, it’s recommended to see a fertility specialist after 6 months of unprotected intercourse without conception. If you are 40 or older, or if you have other warning signs that indicate it’s time to seek intervention, SGF recommends you see a fertility specialist after 3 months or right away.

Fertility Apps Provide Support

 Going through the process of trying to conceive can be quite challenging for some couples. Some fertility apps provide forums and options to connect with other couples also having difficulty conceiving.

“This can be a great resource for couples who are going through this difficult time,” Malik added.

In addition, Shady Grove Fertility offers in-person and online events to provide valuable support and education to those trying to conceive. Each week we host seminars, open houses, and webinars on various fertility topics. In addition, we host support groups on a variety of fertility topics. These groups meet once a month and are free for all participants.

Shady Grove Fertility’s Facebook page is also a great resource to find support. This online community of over 22,000 people is comprised of past and current patients and information and support seekers. SGF Sisters post words of encouragement, success stories to inspire hope, and questions for other patients on their journeys. Join the community today.


 To learn more about fertility apps or to schedule an appointment with one of our 35+ physicians, please call 1-877-971-7755 or click here to complete this brief online form.


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