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Romper: Can You Breastfeed While Taking Fertility Meds? Dr. Reh Explains the Risks

How far ahead can you plan for your next baby? Some people might have one child they’re breastfeeding while taking fertility drugs for the next one. But is this a good idea? Romper turned to board certified reproductive endocrinologist, Dr. Andrea Reh, who sees patients in SGF’s Arlington, VA office,

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New York Times: Dr. McCarthy-Keith Reveals What to Say to Someone Struggling with Infertility

Individuals and couples who are struggling to conceive often feel pressure from friends, family, and even strangers when it comes to having kids. Well-meaning loved ones can say something innocently, but it can come across as insensitive. Even a seemingly innocuous question can be misconstrued as intrusive. Dr. Desireé McCarthy-Keith,

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What’s the Craziest Advice You’ve Heard While Trying to Get Pregnant? Shady Grove Fertility Unveils “Better Approach” Ad Campaign

There’s a lot of crazy advice out there, most of it being unsolicited advice from well-intentioned friends and family. Everything from standing on your head to only doing the baby dance during a full moon. The list goes on and on. SGF’s new fertility awareness campaign aims to reach people

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Trying to Conceive: Ask Dr. Yazigi the Questions You Didn’t Know to Ask

For anyone who learned the ‘birds and the bees’ in their youth, the act of trying to conceive (TTC) probably seems like a very straightforward concept. However, our fertility specialists have learned that many of their patients have a different definition of what trying to conceive really means in comparison

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Shady Grove Fertility Partners with Breast Cancer Previvor and Model, Allyn Rose, in Support of Women Looking to Reduce the Genetic Risk of Breast Cancer

The month of October, National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, serves as an important reminder that this year, an estimated 700,000 people in the U.S. will be diagnosed with breast cancer, of which, up to 10 percent of cases are linked to an inherited gene mutation. With advancements in fertility treatment

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