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Dr. Rachana Garde discusses ovulation in terms of trying to conceive

Ovulation is essential when it comes to having a baby. But do you know if you’re even ovulating —or ovulating regularly? Recently, Dr. Rachana Garde from Shady Grove Fertility’s Annandale, VA and Woodbridge, VA offices sat down with Good Morning Washington to discuss the topic of ovulation—the actual release of

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Good Morning Washington: What to Discuss before You Start Preparing for Pregnancy

In January, Dr. Andrea Reh from Shady Grove Fertility’s Arlington, VA and Fredericksburg, VA offices talked to lifestyle website Brit+ CO about important topics to address before getting pregnant. Picking up on the theme, Good Morning Washington interviewed Dr. Reh for more information. Below are the main key points of

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Important Conversations with Your Partner before Trying to Conceive

Deciding it’s time to start a family is an exciting, but sometimes difficult decision. There are many topics you should discuss with your partner before trying to conceive. Board certified reproductive endocrinologist, Dr. Andrea Reh from SGF’s Arlington and Fredericksburg, VA offices talks with Brit & Co about the Convos

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