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What Every Woman Over the Age of 35 Should Know about Having Children Later in Life

Dr. Lauren Roth, who sees patients in SGF’s Frederick, MD, Rockville, MD, and Silver Spring, MD locations, was recently interviewed by The Female Force and shared her best recommendations for women who are planning on starting a family later on in life. Dr. Roth also answered questions such as the following: Does stress really

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Former ESPN Anchor Sara Walsh Opens Up about Years of Infertility and Welcoming Twins via IVF, with the Help of SGF’s Dr. Ryan Martin

Sara Walsh, Emmy Award Winning sportscaster and former ESPN anchor, opened up to Pregnantish about her struggles to start a family with husband, former Arizona Diamondbacks pitcher Matt Buschmann. After years of pregnancy losses and failed treatments, the couple was thrilled to welcome twins via IVF in February 2017. Dr.

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Infertility Doesn’t Discriminate: Instagram Fitness Star Anna Victoria Pursuing IUI Treatment to Start Her Family

Anna Victoria, a certified personal trainer and Instagram star, recently got candid with her followers about her struggles with infertility. Known for her cheery demeanor and bubbly personality, Anna tears up on camera as she talks about her personal and emotional journey to starting a family. One of seven children,

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Open letter: Using an anonymous egg donor taught me that being a mother is not about genetics

Sarah Esdaile, an SGF Egg Donor Recipient and U.K. Patient Liaison, was recently interviewed about her decision to seek donor egg treatment in America. Sarah’s story began at age 40, when she was told of her infertility and that she would have to “forget motherhood, adopt, or use donor eggs.”

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Trying to Conceive: Ask Dr. Yazigi the Questions You Didn’t Know to Ask

For anyone who learned the ‘birds and the bees’ in their youth, the act of trying to conceive (TTC) probably seems like a very straightforward concept. However, our fertility specialists have learned that many of their patients have a different definition of what trying to conceive really means in comparison

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SGF Atlanta’s Dr. McCarthy-Keith Sheds Light on Michelle Obama’s Infertility News

SGF Atlanta’s own Dr. Desireé McCarthy-Keith joined NPR’s morning radio news program, “The Takeaway,” to discuss Michelle Obama’s new memoir and her recent admissions of struggling with infertility. Listen to the full interview here: Host: “Michelle Obama has a new memoir and in it, she opens up about a subject most

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Michelle Obama Opens Up About Her Struggle with Infertility, Going Through IVF

In a recent Good Morning America interview, Former First Lady, Michelle Obama, spoke candidly about her new book, “Becoming.” What fills the pages are candid confessions and stories of personal struggles she’s encountered in life, including her arduous journey to motherhood. Michelle Obama opened up to GMA anchor Robin Roberts

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