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[VIDEO] SGF Reproductive Urologist, Dr. Paul Shin, Hosts Male Factor Infertility Q&A

While infertility is often regarded as a female problem, the partner’s role is equally as important, as 40 to 50 percent of all infertility cases are due to male factor infertility. Dr. Paul Shin, Reproductive Urologist at Shady Grove Fertility, answered common questions about male factor infertility. Watch the full

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Exploring Egg Freezing: Michelle Obama Speaks About Egg Production and the ‘Biological Clock’

In a Good Morning America interview, Former First Lady, Michelle Obama, spoke candidly about her new book, “Becoming.” What fills the pages are candid confessions and stories of personal struggles she’s encountered in life, including her arduous journey to motherhood. Michelle Obama opened up to GMA anchor Robin Roberts about undergoing

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Bekah and Chris Bartley Share Their Inspiring Patient Success Story of Having Three Children from One Fresh IVF Cycle

I’ll never forget that moment in Dr. Greenhouse’s office in Fair Oaks, after three failed IUI cycles, when he looked at us and said, “we need to try IVF.” That was in 2010. We decided to take a break for about a year to just recoup mentally and physically after

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New SGF Study Shows Women with Endometriosis Achieve Equal Success Using Frozen Embryo Transfers

Folklore, mommy forums, and even the medical community have long touted the notion that women suffering with endometriosis do not have the same success using fertility treatments, such as in vitro fertilization (IVF), as other women or couples. However, new research from Shady Grove Fertility, conducted in partnership with the National Institutes

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Fox 43 News: Sisters Both Struggling with Infertility, Pregnant at the Same Time through IUI and IVF Treatment

FOX 43 Reporter, Lynda Weed, opened up to viewers about expecting a baby boy this month. However, the pregnancy did not come easy. Lynda and her husband, Tom, knew they wanted to add to their family right away, but it didn’t happen as quickly as expected. She started using ovulation kits

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