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5 Ways Technology Continues to Improve Pregnancy Rates and Advance Reproductive Medicine

Thanks to technological advancements made in the last decade surrounding in vitro fertilization (IVF), thousands of SGF patients have achieved their dream of parenthood faster and with fewer IVF cycles. Read more about the advancements in assisted reproductive techniques that help SGF provide every advantage to patients wishing to start or

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Low-Tech Infertility Treatments: 50 Percent of All SGF Treatment Cycles

For many people, the phrase “infertility treatment” sparks the instant thought of in vitro fertilization (IVF). However, in reality, around 50 percent of all treatment cycles performed at Shady Grove Fertility are considered more basic than IVF. These treatments are called “low-tech.” In fact, depending on the age and diagnosis

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How Genetic Testing Helped Hershey, PA Couple Overcome Tragedy and Welcome Healthy Twin Boys

PennWatch recently interviewed Dr. Melissa Esposito, who sees patients in SGF’s Mechanicsburg, PA office, and Lesa and Brennan Brackbill. The Brackbills are former patients who went through IVF and genetic testing in order to have healthy babies after suffering the tragic loss of their daughter. Read the full story below:

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Talk Show Hosts Experience “Aha Moment” After Dr. McCarthy-Keith’s Egg Freezing Explanation

SGF Atlanta’s Medical Director, Dr. Desireé McCarthy-Keith, recently sat down with the women of A Seat at the Table, an Emmy-nominated program that gives a voice to issues from diverse experiences, perspectives, and challenges. During the show, Dr. McCarthy-Keith stresses the importance of a woman’s age on her ability to

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