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Why a Younger Generation is Considering Egg Freezing and How We Know the Process Really Works

An article featured in the New York Times discusses how millennials are becoming the new target demographic for egg freezing. While most women considering egg freezing are thought to be “30 something year olds,” the market is now skewing younger. What is the reason for this? The answer is younger

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Words of Wisdom from SGF Graduates: Their Advice to Future Patients

Infertility treatment can be challenging for anyone going through it. We asked Shady Grove Fertility Graduates to share advice for those beginning their infertility journey, providing others with the knowledge and strength to positively get through treatment and most importantly, never give up. 1. Have Hope From Amanda and Brian

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SGF’s Dr. Kate Devine talks to US News about the decline in twins during fertility treatment

One of the common misconceptions about fertility treatment is that multiples are standard and nearly inevitable. According to the CDC, the national rate of twins and higher order multiples (e.g. triplets or more) increased from 1998 to 2009. While historically twinning makes up about 2 percent of the live birth population,

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SGF’s Dr. Lauren Roth Takes the Anxiety out of the Egg Retrieval Process

The concept of retrieving your eggs might sound daunting but SFG physician Dr. Lauren Roth, who sees patients in SGF’s Frederick, Rockville, and Silver Spring, MD offices, explains in Parents Magazine exactly how the process will go—and why women don’t need to feel intimidated. Women choose to undergo an egg

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