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Words of Wisdom from SGF Graduates: Their Advice to Future Patients

Infertility treatment can be challenging for anyone going through it. We asked Shady Grove Fertility Graduates to share advice for those beginning their infertility journey, providing others with the knowledge and strength to positively get through treatment and most importantly, never give up. 1. Have Hope From Amanda and Brian

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Does Egg Freezing Work?

Medical Contribution by Joseph Doyle, M.D., of Shady Grove Fertility’s Rockville, MD Office. The tick-tock of the biological clock has long been a source of stress for women who envision children in their futures. Thanks to advancements in reproductive science, women who want children (just not right now) have options.

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Shady Grove Fertility Reports Increases in Black Women Starting IVF Treatment One Year after Michelle Obama Opens Up about Her Infertility Struggle

2018 marked the year former First Lady, Michelle Obama, opened up about her own infertility struggles in her personal memoir that, after 15 days, became the best-selling book of 2018 in the United States. In the book, described by Obama as her “deeply personal experience,” Obama shared of feeling “lost

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Today.com Turns to Expert Dr. Anate Brauer of SGF New York to Weigh in on Amy Schumer’s Decision to Freeze Her Eggs Eight Months Postpartum

Amy Schumer recently opened up on Instagram about freezing her eggs, and the physical and emotional toll it has taken on her body. The actress and comedian revealed that 8 months after giving birth to her son, Gene, she has decided to undergo the egg freezing process. “I’m a week

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SGF New York Medical Director, Dr. Tomer Singer, Joins Empowering Discussion about Egg Freezing and Affording Treatment

Dr. Tomer Singer, Medical Director and board-certified reproductive endocrinologist at SGF New York, joined former patient Lauren Brenner on her Empowered with Lauren podcast. Not yet ready to start a family, Lauren froze her eggs at the age of 34. When she came back to use her eggs, she realized

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