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Bachelorette: 3 Reasons Egg Freezing is Valuable, and the Success Rates that Make it Reliable

Bachelorette fans, if you haven’t heard already, you’re in for a treat! Former star of the Bachelorette, Kaitlyn Bristowe, is changing the conversation about egg freezing. If you aren’t a fan of the Bachelorette, or haven’t been keeping up with the former Bachelorette and her now fiancé, Shawn Booth, Bristowe

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By Freezing My Eggs I Invested in My Future Family, and It Was the Best Decision of My Life

Ever heard the term “social egg freezing?” It sounds like it may involve a party or perhaps social media. Could it also mean women discussing egg freezing with other women? Or maybe it’s what Dr. Shruti Malik, a fertility specialist at Shady Grove Fertility’s Fairfax and Woodbridge, VA offices, did

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SGF Medical Director Discusses How Embryo Donation is Helping Build Families with Baltimore Style Magazine

In the March issue of Baltimore Style Magazine, SGF Medical Director, Dr. Eric Widra and SGF social worker, Laura Covington, LCSW-C, provided insight into the article “Pregnant Possibility, Women and couples struggling with infertility get to experience pregnancy and childbirth thanks to donated embryos” written by Jennifer Walker. Dr. Widra

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SGF’s Dr. Kate Devine talks to US News about the decline in twins during fertility treatment

One of the common misperceptions about fertility treatment is that multiples are common place and nearly inevitable. For many years, approximately from 1980 to 2009, according to the CDC, the national rate of twins and multiples spiked. While historically twinning makes up about 2 percent of the live birth population,

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