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Trying to conceive? Romper Talks with SGF’s Dr. Levens about the LH Surge and Why It’s Important

When trying to conceive there are all sorts of new terms, phrases, and even products at the pharmacy you didn’t even know existed. You’ll likely find yourself taking your temperature first thing in the morning to determine your basal body temperature and spending more time than ever thought you would

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Preconception vs. Prenatal Vitamins: Q & A with Dr. Eric Widra

As part of an ongoing blog series on fertility nutrition, we recently interviewed SGF’s Medical Director, Dr. Eric Widra, to discuss the difference between preconception vitamins and traditional prenatal vitamins. We have known for years that a woman’s nutrient needs prior to conception are different than they are throughout pregnancy.

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Agave: a Healthy Fad or Not so Health Friendly? SGF’s Nutritionist, Meghan Sylvester, Explains

Constant chatter about superfoods, vitamins, nutrients, and things like chia seed and flax seed make it difficult for the average busy person to figure out what’s really healthy to incorporate into your daily diet and what’s just a trendy fad. The List set out to find what nutrition tips are

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