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Trying to Conceive with PCOS: Q&A with SGF Atlanta’s Dr. Mark Perloe

Mark Perloe, M.D. of Shady Grove Fertility’s Atlanta, GA location was recently interviewed by a nutritionist blogger regarding the most common questions surrounding polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and how to manage symptoms in women trying to conceive. What percentage of women with PCOS manage to get pregnant and have a

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Making a Baby: It Takes Two (Diagnosing and Overcoming Male Factor Infertility)

Overcoming male factor infertility is possible through the right diagnostic testing and appropriate treatment protocols.  While the infertility conversation often revolves around the female partner, the male partner’s role is just as important. Infertility is often seen as a female problem, but surprisingly, 40 percent of cases are attributed to

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SGF Atlanta Physician Dr. Anne Namnoum Discusses “Can I Get Pregnant with a Hormonal Imbalance?”

Hormones play a huge role in your ability to get pregnant. Some hormones regulate the menstrual cycle, which impacts one’s ability to become pregnant, and also play an important role during pregnancy. “When couples are struggling to conceive, many don’t realize that they have a hormonal imbalance because the signs

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