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Can I Afford Fertility Treatment? Your Guide to Shady Grove Fertility Atlanta’s Financial Programs

The first question that often comes to people’s mind when they think of fertility treatment is, “can I afford it?” The simple answer is yes. You can afford fertility treatment with SGF Atlanta’s myriad of financial options. At your first appointment, you are assigned a financial counselor who will help

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What You Need to Know: Insurance Coverage for Fertility Treatment

Understanding insurance coverage for fertility treatment can be tricky. Every patient at Shady Grove Fertility has a devoted financial counselor to help guide them through each step of the process; which makes the transition into treatment as smooth as possible. We sat down with Angela Tablada, Patient Financial Services Manager, to

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The Number of Employers Who Offer Fertility Benefits is on the Rise – How Starbucks and Shady Grove Fertility Helped this Atlanta Couple Grow Their Family

Fertility benefits rank high on the list of valuable benefits that make recruiting top talent, retaining valuable employees, and reducing turnover easier. Providing coverage for family building options has been shown to increase employee retention and loyalty. According to a recent FertilityIQ survey, 68 percent of millennials consider fertility benefits

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Richmond, VA Couple Shares Why SGF’s 100% Refund Guarantee Program for IVF Makes Perfect Financial Sense

Shady Grove Fertility’s IVF treatment refund guarantee, known as Shared Risk, was the solution that offered Dan and Carina Cottner, financial professionals from Richmond, VA, the opportunity to start the family of their dreams. “Couples who go through infertility often don’t want to talk about it. And their friends and families

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SGF Patient Finds Solace After Enrolling in Shared Risk 100% Refund Program

Patients should have the opportunity to pursue treatment without having to bear the financial burden should treatment not be successful. Read SGF sister Jean’s powerful testimonial about finding solace after enrolling in SGF’s Shared Risk 100% Refund Program: Before we found SGF, I remember having to answer the tough questions

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Fertility Financial Options Offered Exclusively to SGF Patients

SGF Fertility Financial Programs and Insurance Coverage Did you know that approximately 70 percent of our patients with insurance have some level of fertility financial coverage for treatment and close to 90 percent have coverage for their initial consultation? Shady Grove Fertility also has one of the largest insurance networks, which

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