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Egg Freezing Draws International Attention

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), Australia’s national news network, recently featured the growth and development of egg freezing in the United States. Shady Grove Fertility was interviewed for this piece, which was published as a radio interview and an online news article.

Joseph Doyle, M.D.
Source: ABC News, Lisa Millar

In the article “Human egg freezing trend grows in US as success rates improve,” reporter Lisa Millar interviewed Shady Grove Fertility’s Joseph Doyle, M.D.; James Graham, Director of Laboratory Services; and Radell Peischler, egg freezing patient, to gain a greater perspective about what patients can expect in regard to cost, success rates, and current trends.

One of the many reasons egg freezing has grown significantly at Shady Grove Fertility are the unique financial programs Assure 20 and Assure 30. These programs represent some of the only financial programs available to women in the United States who are interested in egg freezing, enabling more women to access this option.

Another reason that egg freezing has begun to gain mainstream acceptance is that success rates have become more widely discussed and promising. According to Dr. Joseph Doyle:

If you electively freeze your eggs and you’re less than 38 years of age, we’re seeing about half of the women who thaw 10 eggs who go home with a baby from that group. That’s really powerful data.

Laboratory Director James Graham also explained that egg freezing can act as an insurance policy for many women:

A vast majority probably won’t come back because they’re 35, they’ll end up getting married, and they will get pregnant on their own. We may never see them again. But a lot of it is like buying an insurance policy. If you don’t want to use it, that’s fine but it’s good to know you have it.

The opening statement of the radio interview captured the essence of what has changed in regards to acceptance of egg freezing:  “It was once spoken of in hushed tones. But the number of women freezing their eggs continues to rise.” As more women decide to freeze their eggs, and as publications continue to focus on egg freezing—both locally and internationally—acceptance will become more widespread.

To learn more about egg freezing, attend one of our upcoming live events, schedule an egg freezing appointment, or call 1-877-411-9292 to talk with one of our new patient liaisons. 


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