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Support Services

Caring for your emotional well-being is as important to us as treating your infertility and we understand that each couple’s experience and needs are different. That is why we have several, varied support resources integrated into the fertility program at Shady Grove Fertility. View our Events Calendar with a complete listing of support groups -->

A recent survey on confirmed what most of you already know – infertility is a stressful experience. Experts often say that infertility is a life crisis for some couples. From the time we are born, the discussion begins about our future, about what we want to be when we grow up and about marriage and family. Most of us as boys and girls, when looking into that far distant future, see ourselves becoming a parent at some point in our lives.

How Often Do You Experience These Feelings?


So when infertility strikes and you realize that something you thought was a given, like having children, may not be so easy and make take medical intervention – increased stress levels are a natural response.

Our goal at Shady Grove Fertility is to provide resources and support to reduce the stress associated with the infertility journey from a medical, emotional and financial perspective. We encourage everyone to establish support networks by tapping into our resources or finding other avenues that work best for you. Seeking (and accepting) support is like weaving a safety net for yourself; the more connections or stands of support you have the stronger your net becomes. A strong support network lifts us up when we get low providing the strength we need to keep moving forward in the direction of our dreams.